Medical Services

At A & D Doctor Center, our physicians and friendly staff provide VIP care from the moment you enter our facility. We take pride in coordinating your care and facilitating transportation to go to the different specialists’ offices. Our primary care and psychiatry services are delivered by highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years of experience in their field. Our primary care services include diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, disease prevention, health promotion, health maintenance, and patient education. Chronic diseases management is carried out by our professional primary care providers in a variety of settings, including office, critical care, inpatient, home care, or telehealth. Our team of qualified psychiatrists has helped many patients to understand and manage their conditions. Our priority is to serve the community and provide the best quality care.

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Medical Research

Our facility relies on research to offer evidence-based health care services to patients. As such, we have invested heavily in medical research to ensure the availability of evidence in making critical clinical decisions. By relying on evidence from medical research, our facility has treated patients and has prevented disease recurrence, which may require re-hospitalization. This has helped in reducing the burden of disease on patients and their families. The adoption of evidence-based practice by our facility has improved the quality and safety of care, as demonstrated in the positive health outcomes. This success has seen an increase in approval levels from clients, with many making it the first choice for their healthcare needs.

We have also partnered in medical research with other healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies to enable the dissemination of research knowledge for the benefit of the patient. These partnerships, particularly with pharmaceutical companies, have ensured our patients are treated with the high-quality medication developed through research. Our involvement in research has helped us discover new and better treatment options for our patients. Medical research has played a critical role for us in ensuring the continuous provision of care to our patients.

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Social Services

Our team of highly qualified and dedicated social workers works around the clock to ensure patients and their families overcome the negative impacts of their ailments. They tirelessly work to promote the emotional and social functioning of patients and their families through services and support mobilization as well as targeted interventions. Through their expertise, our team of social workers is cognizant of the impact of psychological, cultural, social, and economic determinants on the patient’s health and wellbeing and are ready and committed to helping them overcome these challenges and live a quality life. With their focus on the provision of patient-centered care and their distinctive nature of understanding patients’ situations from a psychological perspective, our social workers provide a unique contribution in the provision of healthcare services that meet the multidimensional necessities of patients and their families.

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